Ms. Bender, parent to Lady: “After surgery, Lady went to underwater treadmill therapy twice a week. I was amazed at how she could walk so comfortably and so quickly post surgery. Lady could exercise her muscles without having to support all of her weight. Each week, she was able to go for longer distances…she is up to 20 min/session now. Lady also enjoys Mary’s entertainment and jumps up and down and tries to splash all the water out of the tank…a site to see. Lady has got her life back. She was made whole again. The investment we made with Stem Cell Therapy, Surgery and post therapies(underwater treadmill and acupuncture) are worth every penny”.

Peter Lundquist: “Dr. Whalen and his staff have been simply exceptional. We thought we would have to put down our aging Shepherd and then found that chiropractic, acupuncture and physical therapy was all that was required. We have our boy back & he’s doing great!”

Cheryl Teale: “Tippy is my 14 year old terrier mix that torn her CCL this past September. I heard that Dr. Whalen opened the CARE Rehab facility a couple of months previous in Chicago Ridge and immediately contacted him for an initial consultation, so we could start treating her injury. It is so nice to have this type of facility finally available on the South Side of Chicago.

Tippy has always been a swimmer, swimming all summer long in lakes and pools and also pool swimming during the winter so she was already in pretty good physical shape except for the current injury. But once Tippy hurt her leg, I noticed her leg was getting atrophied very quickly and she was putting a lot of strain on her other knee. We immediately started an underwater treadmill program so we could stop her leg from getting worse before we were able to have her knee fixed. I felt that doing the underwater therapy before Tippy had her surgery would just help her heal more quickly afterwards and would also help her strengthen her good leg that was really starting to over-stress because it had to do all of this extra work.

Tippy is 6 weeks post-op and I have seen remarkable improvements. She is improving every week, her leg is getting stronger and her muscle tone is coming back into the leg. It is also helping her overall physically. She is using her knee the majority of the time and is only not fully using it when standing around. But this should improve over time. At times, you would not even know she had knee surgery just weeks before. I have been told by Tippy’s vet that she can’t believe how well Tippy looks and how well she is using her leg so soon after surgery.”

Thank you Mary, Dr. Whalen and the rest of the staff for helping me with Tippy!

Jim and Jen Schneider, parents to Indiana: “Indiana came to CARE when she developed a limp. Her visits include twice-weekly underwater treadmill, once a week massage and periodic chiropractic, acupuncture, and laser therapy. We have noticed a vast improvement in her confidence going up and down stairs as well as a reduction of arthritis pain and stiffness. The staff treat her as friend, not just as a patient, and she’s always excited to return. We are lucky to have such a fantastic resource in our area.”
– Jim and Jen Schneider, parents to Indiana